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Dedicated, Small Group Support System 
Achieve Your Sales Efficiently

A Problem Solver, Dependable Leader and A Top Achiever


As a Mentor, Ron is not only a Problem Solver but is also Dependable. His expert guidance and timely advice during crunch times for his agents during Negotiations, Objection Handling, Offering the Right Solutions and Effective Strategies is invaluable.

Constantly producing remarkable sales achievement, he shares his knowledge and experience with his agents through trainings to assure the team succeed together as a family.

Ron Lim Division

RLD provides Focused, Personalised & Timely Guidance 
from its Team of Leaders & Managers.

The small group setting allow agents to overcome inhibitions,
clear doubts to enable quick actions in the competitive sales environment.

Real Estate Salespersons can benefit additional support from ALL LEVELS.





(Largest Listed Agency & Group)

Marcus Luah Division

(PNG Overall Champion Division 2018)

Ron Lim Division

(Dedicated Support Group within Champion Division)

RLD Gathering_IvanSeah2.jpg

Ivan Seah

Platinum Tagger (>$100K)
PropNex TOP Tagger

and Project IC 

Specialises in
Project New Launches 

RLD Gathering_PaulWong.jpg

Paul Wong

I/C for Asset Progression Presentation and Financial Calculation Training Workshop

RLD Gathering_129_edited.jpg

Hazel Hong

I/C for On-the-Ground
Prospecting Activities

(Door-knocking / Telemarketing) 

RLD Gathering_RonLim2_edited.jpg

Ron Lim

TOP 1% Achiever in PropNex 
Leader of MLD

Multiple Platinum Achiever  
TOP 5 Group District Director

RLD Gathering_AndyWong_edited.jpg

Andy Wong

Specialises In Digital Marketing
for Lead Generation and

Building of Sales Funnel
for Consistent Supply of Leads

RLD Gathering_159_edited.jpg

Tony Chan

I/C for On-the-Ground

Prospecting Activities

(Door-knocking / Telemarketing) 

RLD Gathering_FulinLee_edited.jpg

Fulin Lee

PropNex TOP Tagger
and Project I/C -

Specialises in
Project New Launches 

RLD Gathering_EdwinLee_edited.jpg

Edwin Lee

Specialises In
Buyers Presentation

(Private Resale)

RLD Gathering_137_edited.jpg

Desmond Oke

I/C for On-the-Ground

Prospecting Activities

(Door-knocking / Telemarketing) 

Leaders and Managers are the Pillars of Support in RLD.

Experienced Leaders and Managers from RLD work closely in small group workshops to
add value to individual producers. They lead the small group sessions, share insights and work very closely to help the team members in addressing their pain-points,
problem-solving & hand holding for both New RES and Experienced Agents.

Leadership is not just about being in front,

it's also about backing the team from behind

Ron Lim Division's

Leaders & Managers

Training & Support

RLD has created a 360 degrees Ecosystem that gives the New RES & Experienced Agents constant, dedicated support.

New agents Learn The Art of Prospecting through Digital Marketing, Door Knocking, 
Telemarketing and Other New Ways of Marketing to Sustain a Steady Stream of Leads.

Sales kit aids team members with Financial presentation proficiency for asset progression from profile analysis to risk analysis.

Equip different skill sets to recognise undervalued properties, drafting a plan of action to Restructure properties & Upgrading assets and other market scenarios. 

RLD'S leaders & managers offer constant, personalised advice, clear doubts, address fears, share facts & market intelligence, at every step of the way.

By leveraging on the RLD's Support
& Network,
teammates benefit on various informations through the exchange of knowledge. Team members often come together to learn how to Close a Sales Deal with Efficiency and Speed.

The positive team dynamics & support help agents
become confident to take quicker action & multiply their earnings to be successful RES.





The EnviRONment

Happy Team, Happy Numbers

Ron Lim creates a happy environment for his young,

fun-loving & highly motivated team

by encouraging team synergy. 

The RLD events strengthen the friendship and trust
between members through team bonding activities.

This sharing culture encourages the
exchange of knowledge that drives determined and ambitious professionals to achieve outstanding results and create new breakthroughs.

Featured Achievers

RLD has produced

14 Platinum Achievers (more than $100k commission in a singular month),

12 Super Gold Achievers (more than $50k commission in a singular month)

& 54 Gold Achievers (5-figure commission in a singular month)

Jade Gu

(Group Director)

More than $1,000,000 within 18 months!

jade gu.jpeg

Within 5 years after joining RLD, Jade Gu has achieved multiple awards for her performance in the industry and has gained recognition in PropNex 
although with NO Sales Experience Background.

Jade Gu was invited by PropNex CEO to share her experience to THOUSANDS of PropNexians during PropNex Convention.

  • Top 109th in PropNex 2019 PAC

  • Top 14th in PropNex 2018 PAC

  • Top 2nd Project Sales 

    in PropNex 2018 PAC

  • Multiple Platinum Achiever

  • Top Project Transactor

  • Top Team Manager​

  • Top 45th in PropNex Q2 2019

Joined RLD as a Brand New RES Early 2014.

Noelle Lai

(Group Director)

Achieved More Than Half a Million within 12 months with 62 transactions.
Dominating the Bukit Timah area, District 21.


Within 6 years after joining RLD, Noelle Lai has risen to be a Consistent Top Achiever in PropNex PNG achieving Multiple Platinum and Top Private Resale Transactor awards year after year.

Joined RLD as a Brand New RES Mid 2013.

  • Top 67th Producer 
    in PropNex 2018 PAC

  • Top 120th Producer 

    in PropNex 2017 PAC

  • Multiple Platinum Achiever 

  • Multiple Top Private Resale Transactor​

  • Top 40th Producer
    in PropNex 2019 PAC

Desmond Liew

(Marketing Director)

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-08 at 10.10.00 PM

Joined RLD as a Brand New Agent 
Early 2019

Joined RLD as a Brand New RES IN 2019 & become PropNex PNG Top Rookie within just 7 months!

  • A freelance fitness instructor. 

  • Picked up speed with our Signature 3 weeks Prospecting Intensive Program (APG), Structured Trainings, Monthly Sharing and Small Group Workshops.


Within a few months in the RLD, Desmond has achieved phenomenal results month after month, quarter after quarter and is now one of the Top Producers in PropNex.

  • Top Rookie in PNG
    for consecutive 2019 Quarters

  • Achieved more than $240K
    within 7 months in RLD as a brand new RES.


I have been in the real estate industry for about 4 years. After joining Ron Lim Division, my sales have tripled. I have also been achieving top private, residential transactor and....

Noelle Lai, Associate Group Director
(Achieved more than $100,000 commission in a sing
le month)

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