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To a Bigger, Higher Breakthrough


The 3 Step Approach


Helping one another succeed

Achieving breakthroughs together

Achieve even more than what you believe you can with the inspiration, motivation and support of the RLD team.


I believe in Small Targeted Workshops, to clear any doubts they might have and help everyone to take action.



One-to-One Sessions

for a more clear & concise communication

A customised guidance and training in a smaller group allows an easy and effective communication in a caring setting to share challenges, fears, aspirations and desires openly without apprehension.

One of the platforms mainly used within RLD to achieve this is through RLD's WhatsApp Group where an agent can conveniently seek answers from members in real time. The right message can be delivered at the right time.




Build, Act

leverage on each other's network & knowledge

The greatest gift of working in a team is gaining more experience from teammates .


RLD's detailed and focused workshops with limited class size are always relating to closeness and driving towards action.

Ron believes that it is not only about learning first-hand from a team of experienced managers on various aspects of the current
Real Estate Strategies.
Creating a sharing culture within the team can also help one another construct and apply the knowledge to act upon.


Equip the right skill set to succeed with RLD Trainings.

Q: How to get customers as a new RES?



A: Learn the art of prospecting through dedicated activities like door knocking, telemarketing and more at RLD.

Q: How to help your customers identify undervalued properties?

Q: How to be proficient in
Financial Presentation and
execute an Asset Progression plan


Asset Progression

A: RLD provides trainings that aids team members to attain different skill sets in recognising undervalued properties and other market scenarios.


Sales Kit

A: A consolidated sales kit in Financial Presentation Proficiency for Asset Progression from profile analysis to risk analysis, Drafting a plan of action to Restructure properties & Upgrading assets.


Leverage on a Community of High Achievers

Q: How to achieve
high speed closing?

Q: How to ensure steady leads?



Q: How to benefit from
Leaders' Dedicated Support?


Team Trust & Synergy

A: By leveraging on RLD's and MLD's 
Support & Network,
teammates benefit on receiving guidance and knowledge to close a sales deal with efficiency and speed.

A: Learn from the well informed,
up to date RLD Team, how they brand themselves and use
 new ways of Marketing to sustain a steady stream of leads.

A: RLD'S leaders & managers' personalised advice, sharing facts & market intelligence help agents to become confident to take quicker action & multiply their earnings to be successful RES.

Layers of Support

Multiple layers of

From leaders, managers and producers of PropNex, PNG, MLD and RLD


Ron Lim Division

Be part of the team

Through trainings and events organised by Ron, there is strong camaraderie in the team. RLD helps members elevate and excel their skill sets.

Sharing of Experience & Knowledge by RLD Managers

Improving  Skill Sets



  • Door-knocking

  • Sales Kit

  • Asset Progression

  • Leveraging on Team Support & Network

  • Digital Marketing

Marcus Luah Division

1) MLD Advance Prospecting Group (APG)

Ron Lim is an integral part of the more than 154 leaders, and also an APG Chief, that supports and leads the team to achieve great results by conducting signature programs, to help agents find new clients through up to date marketing strategies and is PropNex overall Champ Team in 2018. 


APG spreads the strategies of asset progression to even more consumers in Singapore. He shares the knowledge of the right real estate investment strategies, helping them understand more about creating a safety net and retirement plan.

3.5 Weeks -

10 Sessions Programme

Strategies of Asset Progression

Investment Strategies to the right real estate

Jumpstart your career

Marcus-Prospecting Group-no dates.jpg

(click image to magnify)

Learn more on:

  • Doorknocking

  • Telemarketing

  • Social Media

  • Connection


Pram Kutty

I was a homemaker and decided to join APG and committed 3 weeks of my time to participate in the challenges which showed results. I even managed to close a new launch condo. The division, the team and APG has given me a lot of support.

2) MLD Managers Conference 2019


Effective coaching and leadership

How to build a strong team within 18 months

Experience and knowledge sharing

PNG Traning Roadma
PowerfulNegotiatorsGroup favicon.png




PropNex PNG Support

PropNex PNG Training Roadmap offers 
free training programs, conducted by
Top Producers in their respective expertise, to keep agents updated on the
current market conditions.


Learn how to share and educate
your clients with the objective to
add value to their property portfolio.

PropNex Limited.png

Here's what some RLD Team Members have to say about the support they received from multiple layers

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