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PropNex PNG Illuminaire Night Party @ Zouk 2019

The annual PNG celebration in Zouk for 2019 is a special one for Ron. When the announcement was made for Ron Lim to be the Chairman of the organising committee,

Ron felt very honoured to be given the responsibility to lead the preparations for the

annual celebration.

However, for this year’s celebration, the event is also celebrating a huge milestone, which is 1PropNex, where PNG and PropNex are one and united.

The planning and logistics for the event required sheer dedication and effort from the committee, which Ron led exemplary, despite his busy schedule managing his sales, leading his team and caring for his young family. Ron’s determination and energy to ensure the event’s success was witnessed by all.

The event was much anticipated, especially with the creation of a trailer video, which Ron played a huge role in conceptualising and supervising.

On the event day itself, the PNG family came dressed to the nines and ready to party. Partying was on full mode and everyone was letting their hair down.

The performances by the comedian and magician drew much laughter and interest.

Together with a delicious spread and an array of party beverages, everyone grooved to the energetic music being pumped out by the DJ.

There was a moment of double happiness when the customised cake was cut, which celebrated the 1PropNex and the birthday of Mr Ismail. The PropNex PNG Illuminaire Night Party @ Zouk will certainly be remembered as a memorable and special edition.


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