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Q2 Achievers Lunch 2019

Garibaldi, a Michelin Star restaurant.

RLD celebrated the Top Achievers for the 2nd Quarter 2019 with an exquisite lunch at Garibaldi, a Michelin Star restaurant. It is a platform where our achievers get to network and share their “secrets” on how they achieve their impressive numbers.

Amidst all the insightful sharing, the private dining room was also filled with laughter from all the humorous conversations that were taking place. We enjoyed the 3 course lunch over 3 delightful hours.

It is a time we treasure to really connect and encourage one another for a stronger and better quarter ahead. We congratulated Lee Fulin for his superb performance in closing 13 new launches among his other transactions.

Another notable highlight is Kok E-May, our 1st year teammate, who closed a luxury property worth about $4 million in her focus area of District 11 - Newton/Novena. E-May has been averaging close to $20,000 every month since joining RLD as a brand new RES!

As the lunch drew to a close, we wished one another all the best and continued with our business appointments.

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