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RLD Rewarded with 5 Awards At PNG Q3 LABC

Date: 12th November 2019

Venue: Singapore Marriott Hotel

Ron Lim Division (RLD) had a gratifying day at The The Leaders & Achievers Business Conference (LABC). The LABC is held quarterly every year, and among the awards presented were the Top District Directors Award, the Honors Awards and the Pinnacle Awards. This year, the awards were held at the Singapore Marriott Hotel.

A warm welcome was given by Kelvin Thong and Shanel Liew, the emcees for the day and this helped everyone present get ready for the exciting day ahead. After the brief introduction, the awards ceremony began. All the awards were presented by Kelvin Fong, Executive Producer for PropNex Realty and Lim Yong Hock, Key Executive Officer (KEO).

Ron Lim Division is proud of the agents who won awards at LABC. Alongside Ron Lim, who was presented with the Top District Director Award, four other members were also presented with awards. Ivan Seah, Andy Wong, Lok E-May and Khiew Yong Meng were all presented with the Honors Award at this prestigious awards ceremony.

The first part of the awards presentation was followed with a short break that had all agents enjoying some hot coffee and scrumptious cakes. What followed after was a short sharing session by Raymon Tiah who indulged everyone present with his secrets to how he increased his sales by 3 times within the past year. Kelvin Fong also gave a speech that motivated agents to keep going for the rest of the calendar year and also helped motivate everyone for the upcoming new year.

After a second round of awards presentation, lunch was served. Lunch included a delicious buffet meal that left everyone's stomach happy and full. The lunch served was a fulfilling end to the day and members from the Ron Lim Division felt content with the day and motivated for the upcoming months ahead of them.

RLD is extremely proud of those who were presented with awards today. The awards are just a simple reminder for the team to strive to work harder to achieve awards in the next few months to keep the momentum going.

RLD culture breeds winners where everyone in the team believes in helping one another succeed through the support of their peers, one-to-one sessions with Ron Lim and the sharing of insights and knowledge.

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