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RLD’s Desmond Liew Awarded Platinum Award at Star Performers Ceremony Nov’19

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Ron Lim Division attended the Star Performers Ceremony where they rewarded agents who performed exceptionally well for the month of October. Ron Lim Division were awarded with two awards on this eventful day.

Mr Ismail Gafoor, Executive Chairman & CEO, hosted the ceremony. Mr Alan Lim, Executive Director and Mr Lim Yong Hock, Key Executive Officer (KEO), presented the awards to the respective winners.

RLD is proud of Kok E-May and Desmond Liew for being presented the Platinum Achiever Awards. Desmond, in particular, is someone we wish to point out in terms of achievements. He had joined RLD nine months ago and managed to close a sale within his first month of joining. Not only that, he was also from another line of work previously and is still relatively new to the real estate industry.

He took the time to thank Ron for his achievements, mentioning that Ron was like a leader, teacher and partner to him. Ron had aided him in overcoming many obstacles and difficult deals that he had encountered.

RLD is looking forward to achieving more awards together as a team, with the help of Ron and every team member around them. RLD culture breeds winners where everyone believes in helping one another to succeed, motivate and support each other.

Speak to Ron to achieve your breakthrough in sales through our dedicated small group support system!

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