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RLD's Edwin Lee Scores Platinum at December’s Star Performer Awards

RLD’s achievements have been consistently recognised at the Star Performer Awards. In the December chapter of the monthly awards, RLD’s Edwin Lee was presented with the Platinum Award for surpassing $100,000 in commissions in November.

Edwin and Ron met in 2016, where Edwin engaged Ron’s services. Thoroughly impressed during their interaction, Edwin was inspired to join RLD as a realtor.

After going through RLD’s structured training and mentorship, Edwin achieved an income of more than $250,000 in his 1st year as a realtor. Now, in his 2nd year, he is close to achieving $500,000 in income. In addition to his personal sales, Edwin manages a growing team of agents, who are on the road to achieving their success too.

Edwin particularly credits RLD’s success routemap and small group workshops as the drivers behind RLD members consistently achieving Platinum awards. Together with these tools and the open sharing culture of RLD, realtors are destined for success.

Have a chat over coffee with Ron to discover how you can achieve your breakthrough and success with RLD’s proven system and track record.

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